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At Foot Surgery London, we understand the importance of having healthy and pain-free feet. As such, we provide a full range of conservative and surgical treatment options for a vast range of foot and ankle conditions. At Foot Surgery London, we only employ tried and tested treatment methods that we have a wealth of experience in.

We appreciate that suffering from a foot complaint can be quick to take the smile off your face and so we are committed to providing an expert service in an honest, professional and efficient manner.
Mr Ryan McCallum Foot Surgery London
Mr Ryan McCallum FCPodS Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Bunion- Hallux Valgus

You have been directed to this section of the website because you have a bunion. Here, you will find information on what a bunion is and how it can be treated.

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Toe Deformities

You have been directed to this section of the website because you have a deformity affecting one or more of your toes. Here, you will find details on how a toe deformity can be managed both surgically and non-surgically.

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Morton's Neuroma

Most people with a Morton’s neuroma complain of a sharp, shooting pain in the ball of their foot. For some, the pain can affect the toes and patients often report that their toes feel numb.

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